Access Workgroup

Children’s Mental Health Collective Impact

Access Workgroup Goal Statement:

Wisconsin’s children, youth, and families have timely access to high quality, trauma-informed, and culturally appropriate mental health services that promote children's social and emotional development.

Key Questions to Address:

  • Treated Prevalence
    • What percent of children have health insurance?
    • Are children and youth with mental illness receiving mental health treatment?
  • Outcome Measures of Access - Parent and Youth Experience
    • Are parents and youth satisfied with services?
    • Do providers routinely collect and analyze youth and parent experience data?
  • Measures that Indicate Access Problems
    • What is Wisconsin's youth suicide rate?
    • What percentage of youth with mental illness are hospitalized? What percentage of those youth who were hospitalized are re-hospitalized within 7 or 30 days?
  • Measures of Access to Appropriate and Quality Care
    • What percentage of children are screened for risk of developmental, behavioral, or social delays in the first years of life?
    • What percentage of adolescents are screened for depression?
    • How many social workers are there in Wisconsin to help provide care to children and families?

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