Corbi Stephens

Committees, Councils, Workgroups you serve on:

  • WI Children’s Mental Health Collective Impact (CMHCI) Youth Partner
  • Co-leader of the CIPs
  • CMHCI Resilience Committee Member
  • Marquette County CCS Coordinating Committee

Why do you serve as a CIP? I want to change the mental health system for future children so that no one else has to go through the same things that I’ve gone through.

Why is it important? I have experiences and input that can be valuable in changing the system. I come to the table as a young adult who has experienced many systems throughout my life and I bring that perspective to the table.

How has serving as a CIP made a difference in your local area or as a provider? It has helped me gain confidence to work with kids in my own area, in understanding tools to help them overcome their own obstacles. It has also helped me to find system change initiatives in my own county to participate in.

What is one personal goal? See the mental health system changed before I have children of my own.

What is your number one goal for systems change? To have trauma informed care integrated into every child serving agency. If every system and service provider who interacted with families truly understand the impact of trauma and how they can build resiliency in children we would see improvement at every level.

Family: I come from a large family that is very close knit, active and outdoorsy. They are very caring and supportive and always there for each other.

Passions / Hobbies / Fun Facts:
I like to draw and sing. I’m learning Japanese because I’m in love with their culture! I hope to visit it someday.