Shyla Deacon

Committees, Councils, Workgroups you serve on:

  • Next Door
  • Democratic Party of Milwaukee County
  • Medical College media campaign on early screening and mental health

Why do you serve as a CIP? Mental health needs to be addressed on a larger scale and I want to be a part of that.

Why is it important? Milwaukee’s poverty rate is roughly at 28 percent. In the public school district, it’s roughly 83 percent. With poverty comes a wide array of mental issues that are being untapped. This collective impact will help change that.

What is one personal goal? To be an expert in mental health and Trauma-Informed Care so I can be an effective leader.

What is your number one goal for systems change? Educate parents and enhance/increase access.

Family: Husband, Four children. Two boys (ages 2 and 15) and two girls (ages 4 and 5).
Passions / Hobbies / Fun Facts: Tennis, thrift store shopping