Tina Buhrow

Committees, Councils, Workgroups you serve on​:

  • Co-Chair Children's Mental Health Collective Impact (CMHCI) Executive Council
  • Co-Chair CMHCI Trauma-Informed Action Team
  • Co-Chair Chippewa County Children, Youth & Families Committee
  • Wisconsin Trauma Project Co-Facilitator (in training)
  • Crisis Stabilization Provider
  • Parent Advisory to School Mental Health Initiative

Why do you serve as a CIP?  I have lived experience as a child who struggled. I became a mom to child who experienced similar struggles.  Through those experiences and many since,  I've learned that all kids can achieve success when given the right type of support, at the right time and place by parents, schools, and their community.  Collective Impact is the process which will help create real system change; breaking down the silos and working together to ensure all children in Wisconsin learn & grow to become healthy in mind, body & spirit.

How has serving as a CIP made a difference in your local area or as a provider?   It's made a difference by being "at the table" with decision makers at the state system level.  These individuals are listening to the parents & youth with lived experience and we’re listening to them.  I bring back that which I learn from the state level to our local level and vise versa, collective impact.

What is one personal goal? To do my part in helping create systems and policies that positively impacts every child and parent in the state of Wisconsin;  a system that helps prevent trauma and a system that helps people overcome trauma and become resilient.

What is your number one goal for systems change? That systems and policies don’t create unintended negative consequences, such as learned helplessness or more stress on children and families which leads to greater mental health issues.

Family: I'm a parent, stepparent and foster parent to one preteen, two teenagers and five adults. I was born to a farming family. I was number ten of eleven born to my parents. I have six sisters & four brothers.

Passions / Hobbies / Fun Facts: I spend approximately 20 hours per week researching and have done so for the past eight years. I also love long walks with my family and being in awe with nature’s beauty.