Infant Toddler Policy Workgroup

Children’s Mental Health Collective Impact

Infant Toddler Policy Workgroup Goal Statement:

To increase use of infant mental health consultation and other strategies that promote positive infant/caregiver attachment and healthy brain development to support Wisconsin's infants, children, and families.

January Update:

The Infant Toddler Policy workgroup was recently integrated into the Collective Impact framework to align efforts with other like activities, make data driven decisions, and include parent and young adults who have experience engaging with human service systems.

Infant Mental Health Consultation

A healthy Wisconsin future starts with healthy children, and developing social and emotional skills early is what we consider promoting infant and toddler mental health. Research shows that sound mental health provides a foundation on which children can begin building the skills they need to become contributing members of a successful community and a thriving Wisconsin. To learn more about "infant mental health" in Wisconsin, click here.

The group also came up with Wisconsin Infant/Early Childhood mental Health Consultation: Best Practice Guidelines in 2016.Read the best practices here.

For more information about the Children's Mental Health Collective Impact work, please contact Kim at 608-267-7792 or at