​There are many ways that we can create and build resilience within our children and ourselves. The following is a short list of early childhood experiences that help to support healthy, happy children.

When you were younger, did you have:

  • A loving mother and father
  • Loving family and friends to help take care of you
  • Family members who enjoy playing with you
  • Relatives who make you feel better when you were sad or worried
  • Neighbors or friends parents who like you
  • Teachers, coaches, youth leaders, or ministers there to help you
  • Someone in your family who cared about how you were doing in school
  • Family, neighbors, and friends who talked about how to improve and always be better
  • Rules in your house that were kept
  • Someone you trusted to talk to when you felt bad
  • Personal traits and outlooks on life to build on, such as:
    • Being capable, getting things done, or persevering
    • Being independent, and a go-getter
    • Thinking that life is what you make it

​There are many resources to learn about and build resiliency. Here are a few that we recommend:

Department of Public Instruction's Resilience Resources: A collection of videos, resources, and handouts for parents and children.

Supporting Families Together Agency's "What makes your family strong!": Toolkit for families.

For more information about how the Office of Children's Mental Health is building a resilient state, visit the Children's Mental Health Collective Impact Resilience Workgroup.