The Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health Action Map

OCMH at-a-Glance

The Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health Action Map captures many the OCMH concepts. The blue triangle represents a public health approach, a relatively new way to conceptualize how to improve children's social and emotional well-being.  In addition to providing services and supports to children identified as needing mental health services, a public health approach dedicates efforts to supporting all children and families to reduce the need for future services and increase the population's overall wellness. 

Inside the blue triangle are examples of activities that represent tiers of the public health approach.

Orange arrows around the triangle indicate the OCMH's commitment to promoting collective impact, a concept described under the tab "Integrate".

A perpendicular orange arrow illustrates that "Trauma-informed Care" (TIC) is central to the OCMH philosophy and, as such, sits prominently to the right of the triangle, accompanied by examples of TIC in action. 

A list of immediate issues being addressed by multiple stakeholders sits to the left of the triangle under "Raise Awareness." 

Mental Health Action Map