The Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health

The Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health (OCMH) has a unique charge. Instead of focusing on program development or providing direct services, the OCMH was created to enhance communication within and between state agencies serving children and families, coordinate initiatives, and monitor program performance.  Additionally, the OCMH is charged with identifying administrative efficiencies and improving access to services provided by the Department of Children and Families, Department of Corrections, Department of Health Services, the Department of Public Instruction, as well as county and community-based organizations serving Wisconsin’s children.  WI Statute 51.025.

Wisconsin Child and Family Related State-led Committees, Councils, Workgroups and Meetings

Grants, legislation, and projects frequently require the creation of a coordinating body to oversee activities. The OCMH encourages state agencies and governing bodies to refer to the following list prior to initiating new child and family related committees with the goal of increasing collaboration with current efforts and reducing redundancy.