Awareness Images for Children's Mental Health


Share these images via social media or print as a poster to destigmatize mental health. 



Connection Saves Lives Facebook Image
Connection Saves Lives Twitter & Instagram Image
Connection Saves Lives Small Poster
Connection Saves Lives​ Medium Poster
Connection Saves Lives Large Poster: English, Spanish, Hmong

The Little Things Facebook Image
The Little Things Twitter & Instagram Image
The Litte Things Small Poster
The Litte Things Medium Poster
The Little Things Large Poster: English, Spanish, Hmong

Connection Is Worth It Facebook Image
Connection Is Worth It Twitter & Instagram Image
Connection Is Worth It Small Poster
Connection Is Worth It Medium Poster​
Connection Is Worth It Large Poster: English, Spanish, Hmong

Unplug to Reconnect Facebook Image​​
Unplug to Reconnect Twitter & Instagram Image
Unplug to Reconnect Small Poster
Unplug to Reconnect Medium Poster
Unplug to Reconnect Large Poster: English, Spanish, Hmong

Depression Looks Different Poster

Trauma Looks Different Poster 1

Trauma Looks Different Poster 2

Coping Skills


Healing from Trauma

Learning to Navigate


Cope with Self Harm

Winning a Battle

Working Through Thoughts


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