OCMH Tools for Families, Schools & Communities


​This page features all children’s mental health resources produced by the Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health (OCMH). These tools are free to use and we encourage that you share them among your networks. 

See below to find resources which help you to navigate children’s mental health systems, provide insight on how to regulate your feelings, offer data on a particular children’s mental health issue, and much more.

  • Feelings Thermometer – helping people identify their feelings and strategies to manage them. Print a copy, post it on your frig and talk about it with your family.

  • ​Mental Health Crisis Card – a wallet sized card sharing calming strategies intended to help regulate an individual in the first five minutes of an agitated state or mental health crisis. Encourage youth to print a copy, fill it out, and carry it with them. This is also a great tool for parents to discuss with their children. ​

  • Monthly Fact Sheets – each Fact Sheet explores a children's mental health topic, providing data, a description of what is happening in Wisconsin, and recommendations for action.

  • TIC Trainings - ​the Trauma-Informed Care Team has created trainings for the workforce to inspire trauma-informed practices. Check out the many offerings of free trainings and tools, including the most recent session: Collective Trauma 101.