Feelings Thermometer Videos

The Feelings Thermometer is a visual tool to post on the refrigerator that helps everyone — from kids to adults— measure how they are doing emotionally with tips on how to shift your mood from angry to calm. Research tells us that just identifying a calming activity can reduce anxiety.

Wisconsin First Lady Kathy Evers’ video message launched the Office of Children's Mental Health’s Feelings Thermometer to help families feel better during these stressful times.​​

First Lady Kathy Evers interviews Haila Wilson and her mom Caitlin about using the Office of Children's Mental Health's Feelings Thermometer.

The Feelings Thermometer​ continues to help families understand and regulate their emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic. First Lady Kathy Evers interviews the Cain family (Theresa, William, Ian, and Nora) on their use of the Feelings Thermometer.

​​Dr. Marcia Slattery, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics/Director, UW Anxiety Disorders Program, Department of Psychiatry – UW School of Medicine and Public Health, shares how the Feelings Thermometer​ can help regulate anxiety.

Learn more about the Feelings Thermometer and download it for posting on your refrigerator: https://children.wi.gov/Pages/FeelingsThermometer.aspx.