Youth Leadership

Youth Listening Session Recommendations for Action

Wisconsin youth from across the state identified concerns regarding youth mental health in a series of youth listening sessions the Office of Children's Mental Health (OCMH) held. These are the basis for OCMH's Youth Listening Session Recommendations for Action.

Youth discussed the concerning and increasing rates of anxiety, depression, and lack of belonging they were experiencing even before the pandemic. The Listening Sessions provided space for youth to voice their ideas to strengthen mental health supports in our state. From that, the OCMH Resiliency Impact Team of mental health professionals, people with lived experience, advocates, and young people developed the Recommendations for Action.


The Recommendations for Action report offers six insights and 11 recommendations for action. The recommendations fall into three categories: 1) organizational/culture, 2) youth voice, and 3) mental health education. By releasing the Recommendations for Action, OCMH hopes to challenge organizations and individuals to consider how best to incorporate them into policy, practice, and culture.