2017 Annual Report released January 1, 2018

The fourth annual report from the Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health takes a deep dive into the data available on child- and family-serving programs.
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System Collaboration

Parent & Youth Partners

Data to Improve Systems

​2017 Annual Report

Mental Health Fact Sheets

Children’s Demographics and Well-Being
​Children’s Medicaid Funded Mental Health Services
​School OutcomesYouth Suicide and Self Harm

Data about Wisconsin's Children: 2017 Update

scale.pngWisconsin is tipping the scales towards resilient and healthy children. What does our data show?

UPDATE: 48 Child Well-Being Indicators

Additional Fact Sheets:

Child Maltreatment and Out-of-Home Cadded liareChildren’s Demographics and Well-BeingChildren’s Medicaid Funded Mental Health Services Crisis Intervention Services for Children on MedicaidMental Health Provider AvailabilityMental Health Services in Schools • Opioid and Methamphetamine Use Outpatient Mental Health Service Data for Children on MedicaidPsychotropic Medication Prescribing for Children on MedicaidResilience • School Outcomes Services for Children with Delays or Disabilities Youth JusticeYouth Psychiatric Hospitalizations, Readmissions, and Emergency DetentionsYouth Suicide and Self Harm

Children's Mental Health Collective Impact

Collective Impact Winter Updates

Access to Mental Health Services Workgroup
​Building Resilience Workgroup
​Trauma-Informed Care Workgroup
  • Guest speakers provided Wisconsin examples of "single point of entry" projects
  • ​Collective Impact Partners (CIPs) sponsored a Resilience Summit for parents and youth advocates in Wisconsin
  • ​TIC mapping continues to grow
  • Planning is underway for 2018 TIC Policy Workshops 
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