Data Sources

​​​​​​​​​​​National and State Level Statistics on Child Health and Well-Being​

There are many sources of data on Wisconsin kids, their health, and local circumstances which impact their well-being.​ The Office of Children's Mental Health (OCMH) often references these sources when creating our Annual ReportChild Well-Being Indicators Dashboard, and Fact Sheets. ​

​​​OCMH's Top 5 Data Sources:

​​1. YRBS: Youth Risk Behavior Survey (national, state, regionaland county data available)
2. NSCH: National Survey of Children's Health (national a​nd state data available)
​​3. KIDS COUNT (data by location or topic available)
4. County Health Rankings & Roadmaps (data by location or topic available)
5. State Agency Partners: DCF, DHS, DPI, and OSS

Additionally—while not an exhaustive list—the following sources are definitive and provide key data on important trends impacting youth well-being. ​​The Annie E. Casey Foundation summary is also a convenient place to start exploring the data on the mental health crisis facing Gen Z:

Early Care & Education

​Economic Conditions


Health Care & Health Insurance

International Indicators

Mental Health & Behavioral Health


Social Determinants of Health




Youth Justice

Last updated April 2023

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