School Mental Health



This brief provides an overview of what’s currently happening on the issue of school mental health. We aim to share progress that’s been made, what changes are on the horizon, as well as what recommendations and resources are currently available to help students.  

     Download the issue brief: Student Mental Health, In Brief

Resource Highlights

​​Fact Sheet

Our two-page Fact Sheets detail key research and steps that parents, schools, and policymakers can take to improve an issue impacting children’s mental health. 

     Download the Fact Sheet: Strengthening Student Mental Health

Universal Screening

Universal Screening is a key opportunity for students to identify their own skills and strengths that they can use when facing challenges, and a best practice that can identify anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts in youth and then connect those students to resources. 

     Access the playbook Step-by-Step Screening Guide: School-Based Wellness Screening Playbook

     Download the Universal Screening Fact Sheet: Universal Screening

​     Learn more about Behavioral Health Screening: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction​

​​​​​Mental Health Literacy Units of Instruction 

In 2021, lessons for elementary, middle and high school students were released which focus on developing the skills that students need to maintain mental health and wellbeing and recognize and support others who may be struggling. There were created in partnership with Department of Public Instruction, school staff, parents, and youth.

     Download the lesson plans: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction​ ​ 

​School-Based Peer-Led Wellness Programs in Wisconsin

Students are actively helping their peers and addressing youth mental health in school districts throughout the state. School-based peer-led wellness programs are in place in 300 schools or districts, reaching the majority of Wisconsin’s 421 school districts. Youth leading these groups, along with their adult advisors, help to improve mental health and wellness in their school communities, which often radiates out to their broader community. A variety of programs are in place, including Hope Squad, NAMI Raise Your Voice Club​, REDgen School​, and Sources of Strength​Each dot of the map represents a school or district participating in one of these peer-led wellness programs. ​

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​La Follette Comparative Analysis

In 2022, graduate students from UW-Madison’s La Follette School of Public Policy conducted a study for OCMH. The study included findings from a survey of Wisconsin school districts as well as interviews with district staff who work in school mental health; a comparative analysis of other states; and policy recommendations.

     Download the La Follette Comparative Analysis: Wisconsin School Mental Health Services Comparative Analysis


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