Office of Children's Mental Health Lived Experience Partners

Lived experience perspective is critical to transforming the children’s mental health system. The Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health (OCMH) Lived Experience Partners are parents and young people whose reality includes social, emotional, or behavioral health needs. These leaders own their journey and recognize the value they bring to improving programs and policy. By sharing their stories and ideas with organizational leaders and peers, OCMH Lived Experience Partners are inspiring change. 

Through a structured model of participation and intentional financial support for participation, OCMH Lived Experience Partners are set up for success as effective advocates and collaborators. Read more about the OCMH Lived Experience Partners on our flyer​. 

Below is a list of some OCMH Lived Experience Partners. Click on their name to learn more about each member. Please consider them a resource in system change work or as a peer.


Becky Krisko, Brown Count​y

​​Crystal Long, Dane County

Emma McGovern, Dunn County

James Hulce, ​Waukesha County​

Jane Stueber, Milwaukee County

Jared Heesch, Vernon County​

Jennifer Helt, Sauk County

Kimberlee Coronado, Waukesha County

Nick Krisko, Brown County

Rachel Zwicky, Bayfield County​​

Robert Kaminski, Outagamie County

Ruth Kantrowitz, Ozaukee County

Scott Schuler, St. Croix County

Shimika Harris, Milwaukee County​​

Shenika Moss, Milwaukee County

Terri DeGaro, Milwaukee County

Tiangelique Dunigan, Milwaukee County

Tracy Loken Weber, Waukesha County

Tracey Stanislawski, Waukesha County​

For more information about the OCMH Lived Experience Partners, please contact