Advisory Council

Our Values: ​
  • Collaborative across systems
  • Data driven
  • Family and youth guided
  • Promote inclusivity and equity among all stakeholders

Our VisionWisconsin’s children are safe, nurtured and supported to achieve their optimal mental health and well-being. Systems are family-friendly, easy to navigate, equitable, and inclusive of all people. ​

Our Purpose: The Wisconsin Children’s Mental Health Collective Impact Advisory Council provides leadership to the Wisconsin Children’s Mental Health Collective Impact initiative and supports the Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health (OCMH) by:
  • ​Advising on the focus of Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health Collective Impact initiatives.
  • Focusing on cross-systems collaboration to improve Wisconsin children’s mental health systems and outcomes.

Why We MeetBringing leadership-level representation from Wisconsin’s children’s mental health serving departments, health care and mental health systems, mental health providers, and lived experience to focus on collaboration and systems change is what drives those sitting on the Advisory Council. ​

​Below are some of the indicators we are looking at to understand the social connectedness of youth, a leading factor in children’s mental health:

  • Positive adult mentor
  • School engagement (ages 6-17)
  • Participation in organized activities
  • Bully others
  • Argues too much
  • Making and keeping friends
  • Supportive neighborhood
  • Family shares ideas
  • Family eats meals together
  • Community volunteers​

Our Current Partners: To achieve cross-sector perspective, the Advisory Council is dedicated to diverse membership in alignment with our values of cross-systems collaboration, data driven, family- and youth-guided, and promoting inclusivity and equity among all. The following sectors are represented: Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Department of Children and Families, Department of Corrections, Department of Health Services – Division of Care and Treatment Services and Medicaid, Department of Justice, Department of Public Instruction, Health System, Mental Health Case Manager, Mental Health Advocacy Organization, Office of Children’s Mental Health, Outpatient Mental Health Service Therapists, Pediatrician, Lived Experience Individuals with experience in children’s mental health, and Tribal. 

For more information about the Children's Mental Health Collective Impact work, please contact us at ​