Collective Impact Council

Our Values: ​
  • Collaborative across systems
  • Data driven
  • Family and youth guided
  • Promote inclusivity and equity among all stakeholders

Our Vision: Wisconsin’s children are safe, nurtured and supported to achieve their optimal mental health and well-being. Systems are family-friendly, easy to navigate, equitable, and inclusive of all people. ​

​​​Our Purpose: Build emotional well-being through strong foundations across the lifespan of a child.

Why We Meet: The Collective Impact Council is a dedicated group of advocates for children who are passionate about achieving mental health equity by supporting systems that address root cause.
Below are some of the specific topics we are looking at to understand the current state of children’s mental health and well-being:

  • The number of students feeling very anxious, sad, or hopeless almost every day has increased
  • More youth are considering suicide
  • Children who have a mental illness have can have considerable difficulty accessing the treatment they need
  • The importance of positive childhood experiences
  • The workforce shortage in mental health professionals
  • Increasing life skill development and resiliency
See the current data on these indicators by reviewing our most recent Child Well-Being Dashboard

What We Do: The Collective Impact Council provides guidance and strategic direction to the Office of Children’s Mental Health (OCMH) Collective Impact process. This multidisciplinary group from across Wisconsin meets quarterly to:

  • Generate collaboration and alignment across systems, especially among state departments
  • Share and receive updates on children’s mental health policy, programs, and research
  • Contribute to system change through intentional feedback and discussion 
  • Foster connections and partnership

Our Current Partners: Membership includes a wide range of stakeholders including lived experience leaders, state departments, non-profit organizations, healthcare organizations and systems, mental healthcare organizations and providers, and education.   

We welcome you to join this effort for increased collaboration and coordination. For more information about the Children's Mental Health Collective Impact work, please contact us at