Trauma and Recovery Project

​​​​​​​Our Vision: Children in Wisconsin will have access to trauma-informed and trauma-specific services and supports within their communities, and they will experience systems of care that are strong and coordinated.

Our Purpose: Increase the availability, accessibility and coordination of trauma-specific treatment in Milwaukee and Racine Counties for families in the child welfare system or that are at risk of entering the system.

What We DoStrengthen systems of care needed to support and coordinate evidence-based, trauma-focused services. Increase availability of training in evidence-based mental health treatments for trauma-exposed children. Increase evidence-based screening, assessment, and treatment. Explore how Milwaukee/Racine families use mental health services and build public awareness of mental health.

Our Current Partners: Partnership between the Department of Children and Families, Office of Children’s Mental Health, Professional Development System, and the Institute for Child and Family Well-being. Committee members include nonprofit organizations addressing child well-being and people with lived experience. ​

Additional information on this project can be found at:

​​​The Service Access and Family Engagement Committee of the Trauma and Recovery Project has created a tool that provides parents and caregivers with information on how to first access children's mental health services and what to expect in those initial stages. We invite you to share this resource with families in your network as well as community organizations or providers who may be able to walk through this guide with parents and caregivers. Download the tool here: Accessing Children's Mental Health Services OCMH.pdf

​​​​We welcome you to join this effort for increased collaboration and coordination. For more information about the Children's Mental Health Collective Impact work, please contact us at