Feelings Thermometers

​​OCMH has two Feelings Thermometers to help children of all ages, and their families, begin to identify their feelings and learn ways to shift their mood when things get tough or behaviors are challenging. Experts agree the first step to managing your emotions is to identify how you are feeling. Give it a try with a child in your life!

Feelings Thermometer​

Early Childhood Feelings Thermometer

OCMH's original Feelings Thermometer is a popular visual aid for youth and adults to identify how they are feeling – with prompts to help name the emotion – along with suggestions on what to do to manage that feeling.

Click here for the Feelings Thermometer.​​
OCMH's companion tool for adults working with young children (ages 0-5) is a visual aid that helps children identify their feelings, name the emotion, and take action to manage those feelings. The thermometer offers suggestions for actions and activities to support the child's mood.

Click here for the Early Childhood Feelings Thermometer.


Feelings Thermometer Magnets Available for Order

You can order the popular magnet versions of both Feelings Thermometers on the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board's Department of Administration Document Sales site. The cost for a package of 24 is $23.40.​

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