Latest Research in Children's Mental Health

​​​The Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health seeks out the latest research in the field to note best practice interventions and well-being trends locally and worldwide. This page is updated regularly. 

  • Impact of physical exercise on children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. Read more.

  • Racial/Ethnic Differences in Mental Health, Substance Use, and Bullying Victimization among Self-Identified Bisexual High School-Aged Youth. Read more.

  • Shaping healthy habits in children with neurodevelopmental and mental health disorders: parent perceptions of barriers, facilitators and promising ​strategiesRead more.

  • ​School-based interventions to prevent anxiety and depression in children and young people: a systematic review and network meta-analysis. Read more​.​

For more resources on child well-being statistics, review our Data Resources page​. ​