Children's Emergency Detention and Crisis Stabilization Workgroup

The CEDCS workgroup began in 2014 to address the high rates of emergency detentions for children and youth in Wisconsin. Three sub-workgroups have been created:

Best Practices in Supporting Children in Crisis

Goal: Identify and spread best practices in supporting children and families in times of crisis.

This workgroup works with counties to cultivate the best practices in Wisconsin and across the nation.

Crisis Stabilization Bed Availability

Goal: Increase the number of beds available for children in crisis across Wisconsin.

This workgroup has discussed the creation of short-term stabilization sites.

County Staff Training Requirements, Structure, and Delivery

Goal: Review existing training for county staff and provide a central clearinghouse for best practices and training models to support standardized training curriculum across Wisconsin.

This workgroup focuses on the Department of Health Services Chapter DHS 34: Emergency Mental Health Service Programs, in supporting the mental health needs of children.