Children's Mental Health Awareness



​Download all of the images for children's mental health awareness in one zip file here: Images for Children's Mental Health Awareness or download images individually here: 1.png2.png3.png4.png5.png6.png7.png8.png

Stories from Young People

​Teens in Wisconsin volunteered to share their story to help reduce stigma and emphasize the importance of peer support. Read excerpts here: Stories

Youth Mental Health Groups in Wisconsin

Youth across the state are leading efforts to support their peers with mental health conditions​. There are over 100 youth mental health groups in Wisconsin. View the map of Youth Mental Health Groups in Wisconsin​.

Proclamation from Governor Evers

​The Governor has designated May 7, 2020 as Children's Mental Health Awareness Day.  Children's Mental Health Awareness Day 2020 Proclamation​. ​

Prioritizing Children's Mental Health Fact Sheet

To prioritize children’s mental health in Wisconsin, we need to consider social determinants of health and disparities in mental health care. Office of Children's Mental Health 2020 Fact Sheet Prioritizing Children's Mental Health.