School-Based Peer-Led Wellness Programs in Wisconsin

Students are actively helping their peers and addressing youth mental health in school districts throughout the state. School-based peer-led wellness programs are in place in 300 schools or districts, reaching the majority of Wisconsin’s 421 school districts. Youth leading these groups, along with their adult advisors, help to improve mental health and wellness in their school communities, which often radiates out to their broader community. A variety of programs are in place, including Hope SquadNAMI Raise Your Voice Club​REDgen School​, and Sources of Strength​Each dot of the map represents a school or district participating in one of these peer-led wellness programs. 

In April 2024, student-led programs from 44 Wisconsin high schools gathered in-person to collaborate and learn together. Watch the short video recap of the event, or see the featured speakers in our extended video recap. ​

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