Shenika Moss

Committees, Councils, Workgroups you serve on:

  • Advocacy For Change
  • Wisconsin Family Leadership Institute (WIFLI)
  • Parent to Parent of Wisconsin
  • Faces of Mental Health Panel

Why do you serve as a CIP? Through my own experiences with the system, family, and friends, I notice a lot of closed minds when it comes to mental health. Especially with the children's education and their growth to be successful in life. So I serve as a advocate for parents who struggle daily with various challenges with their families and themselves. I want you to know that you are not alone.

Why is it important? Life changes every day and there are no warning signs, so you never know when you are faced with a mental health issue. Trauma happens, unexpected deaths, loss of income, and so many silent and hidden secrets that need to be discussed, so healing and help can begin, because it can be frustrating trying to understand the unknown. It is important to build a support system with people whom you can be truthful with so depression, anxiety, loneliness, and etc do not root itself in the mindset of parents, the individual and their families.

What is one personal goal? I want to see more families tell their stories to bring awareness and change to these laws that go against the proper care for mental health.

Family: I am the mother of four children, three are living: Shawn, R'Reona (twin girls), Treasure & Dream. Treasure passed away at the age of 21 months due to complications of a liver transplant.

Passions / Hobbies / Fun Facts:
I love to write, cook, make candles, decorate, and refurbish things. I am going to own my own transitional living home to help young parents with children with disabilities and behavioral challenges in the near future.